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What is a Tantric massage?

Tantric Massage - What you need to know

There are key differences between Tantric massage and classic massage (also called Swedish massage), and it is not one specific thing.

They’re two entirely different experiences chosen for different reasons.

A traditional Massage is generally a relaxing experience no matter what kind of massage you have, unless of course you’ve ever experienced sports massage/deep tissue.

So where a typical massage aims to help you unwind, loosening up tight muscles and increasing blood flow and circulation all striving towards making you feel better in many ways. Tantric massage shares some of the same affects, yet we takes sensuality and energy further. A Tantric massage is deeply sensual and will take you over to a place you rarely, if ever experience.

Simple deep breathing combined with your beautiful goddess who consciously and delicately massages and strokes and rubs your entire body. Thoughts and mental noise fade away, your mind becomes still allowing you the bliss of only focusing on the present experience with which you share with your goddess, who fully devotes herself and her attention on to you during the whole experience.

She will caress her own body against yours very slowly and sensually whilst she pours warm oil over your limbs, back and torso. The dimmed lights and candles help set alight the perfect atmosphere and conditions for a Tantric massage to take place.

It is a deep and sensually heightening experience for both client and goddess. By its very nature you become closer to your goddess and your time together will evolve unique sense of trust and caring as your body’s  energy tangles together harmoniously.

Whilst you may develop affection and a warm bond with your goddess, you are encouraged to try and experience Tantric massage with other goddesses and it is in no way seen disrespectful to indulge curiosity elsewhere or with others.